Astra Taylor: We Need Each Other, and Our Time Is Now

Fear has marked major portions of my life. Money, work, even relationships. Fear of being poor, of losing my job, of not having a place to live, not being able to make it in this increasingly difficult city. It’s an interesting thought exercise to look back at decisions I took in service of this fear and wonder what might have happened if I hadn’t been directed, driven and corralled by the forces of insecurity.
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Be Part of Transformative Change with the CCPA–BC Be Part of Transformative Change with the CCPA–BC

The BC office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is returning with their annual gala. Join them in their drive for progressive policymaking.

This idea surfaced with increasing significance throughout Astra Taylor’s recent CBC Massey lecture in Vancouver. Taylor is a proper polymath: she’s a filmmaker, writer, activist, musician and all-round cool human being. A founder of the Debt Collective in the United States, she has been immersed in different forms of community organizing since she was a kid and took up the cause of animal rights in elementary school.

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